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Member Dashboard Reporting

Access a range of investment, fund and audit reports to monitor fund contributions, pension levels and investment performance to help you with the day-to-day management of your SMSF. For Cavendish Online, reports are generally up-to-date as per the previous business day. For Cavendish Annual, reports are generally up-to-date as at the previous financial year.

For more information, view our Member Online and Annual ‘How it works’ guides.

Adviser Reporting

The dashboard gives you access to a range of reports which can be tailored to meet your requirements and can assist in providing insight into the funds you provide advice to. You can even export all reports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

The specific reports available for advisers include:

• Investment valuation - allows you to view the value of all SMSFs on the system at any date back to the date the fund commenced on the administration system.

• Investment holdings - allows you to enter specific investment codes to provide a list of all your clients’ funds which hold that particular investment. For example, you could run a report to determine which of the clients’ funds hold a stock such as BHP.

• Fund setup status - shows the progression of both new and existing SMSFs through the setup and transfer processes.

• End of year - shows the progression of a fund through the end of year process.

For more information, view our Adviser Online and Annual ‘How it works’ guides.

Cavendish Investment Portfolio Service (CIPS)

Cavendish also provides online reporting for non-superannuation investment portfolios.

Access your online reports by clicking here:

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