A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is administered in accumulation, allocated or complying pension mode, or combination thereof. The main features are:
  • CONTROL - The members or a company controlled by the members of the Fund acts as the Fund Trustee/s.

  • FLEXIBILITY - The Fund can accept personal and multiple employer contributions. On retirement a member’s account may pay a lump sum or continue administration as an allocated and/or complying pension paying a tax effective income stream without impacting on other members in accumulation phase. Benefits may be paid in specie.

  • INVESTMENT - The Trustee/members implement the investment strategies, usually with the assistance of a specialist adviser.

  • PORTABILITY - The Fund is totally portable; it is not necessary for each member to reside at the same address or even the same State.

  • SECURITY - The Trustee/members control the Fund Bank/CMT account and hold the investment certificates of title.

  • FAMILY FUND - Up to four (4) members can participate.

  • BUSINESS FUND - Business partners may be the Trustees and Members.

  • BANKRUPTCY PROTECTION - A member’s fund assets are usually protected from creditors in the event of bankruptcy.

  • ADMINISTRATION - The Fund establishment and compliance administration is conducted on behalf of the Trustee by Cavendish Superannuation.

  • FEE SAVINGS - The Self Managed Superannuation Fund fee structure usually delivers substantial savings when compared to traditional funds.

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