Transferring an Existing Fund to Cavendish 

clients will often apply to transfer an SMSF through their adviser who can provide them with an application form and assist with its completion. There are different forms for the Online Service and the Annual Service. Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded direct from this website. Once completed, the application form should be mailed or faxed to our office and processing will begin. 
  1. Application

    For an existing fund transfer, the following information must be provided:
    • Details of all trustees and members
    • The first financial year which Cavendish is to prepare the Financial Statements
    • Details of the previous administrator
    • Copies of the Fund's Trust Deed and other statutory documentation
    • Copies of the Fund's last set of Financial Statements and Tax Return
    • The CGT history of all assets (i.e. the acquisition dates and prices)
    • Transaction details for the current year
      • If the fund is using a portfolio service, details of the service and account
      • If not, all current year bank statements and supporting documents
    • Full member balance components including undeducted amounts

    Cavendish will call the client/adviser to confirm the application. At this point, any further required information will be gathered to ensure that the application documentation is complete, correct and signed.

  2. Preparation of Documentation

    Cavendish will use the information provided in the application form to produce all documentation required to effect the transfer of the fund, including:
    • ATO Change of address form
    • Appointment of Service Provider Minute
    • Letter of transfer for previous administrator
    • Fee debit authority letter
    • Cavendish Administration Agreement (in duplicate)
    • Where necessary, a bank CMT application and redemption authority

    These documents are forwarded to the nominated Fund address within 2 business days of receipt of the application. The trustees must then sign all documents and return them to Cavendish for processing.

    Upon receipt of the signed documents, Cavendish will ensure all documents are signed correctly, then process each document as described below.

  3. Loading of Existing Data

    Cavendish will load all CGT information for assets acquired prior to the commencement of the nominated financial year, as well as loading the prior-year financial accounts, member balance components and balance sheet items.

  4. Portfolio Services

    If the client is using a portfolio service, Cavendish will contact the service provider to ensure that we will receive all future portfolio reports.

  5. Change of Address Notifications

    If the client is not using a portfolio service, or has assets outside their portfolio service:
    • Cavendish will request the client or previous administrator to provide copies of all bank statements and supporting documents for all transactions for the nominated financial year.
    • Cavendish prepares change of address notifications for all assets to change to the standard Cavendish address.
    • The COA letters are sent to the Trustee(s) for signing.
    • Upon receipt of the signed letters, Cavendish will lodge them with the relavent organisations.

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