Online Service

The Cavendish Online Service receives daily investment data feeds from various Wraps/Platforms, Cash Accounts and Stockbrokers. Where there are non-standard assets in the Fund, for which data is not received electronically, collection of information is the same as for Annual Service.

Annual Service

The efficient flow of information is vital for the smooth operation of the administration process. Central to this is the use of Cavendish as the primary address for all investments. This allows Cavendish to collect all the data required to prepare the financial statements without having to request information from the client or their adviser. When acquiring assets, the fund's postal address should be given as follows:

John and Jane Example ATF
<The Example Superannuation Fund>
GPO Box 9981*
Adelaide  SA  5001


* The actual box number will depend on the type of service.

Onforwarding of Mail to the Client

Mail is opened, sorted and prioritised upon arrival at Cavendish.
  • Any items that require a prompt response from the Trustees (for example corporate actions) are mailed overnight to the client.
  • All received cheques are banked the same day they arrive. Cavendish retains a deposit book for the Fund's main cash account.
  • All other items (contract notes, dividend notices etc) are collated and sent to the client on a monthly basis.


Cavendish Investment Portfolio Service (CIPS)

Clients using the CIPS service for non-superannuation portfolio use a separate GPO box, allowing Cavendish to ensure that all required information is readily accessible when generating the reports for each month.

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